Hawaii edition


A taste of Hawaii from Bali. Balinese grateful living merged with joyful Hawaiian aloha vibes. Two island cultures who share the love of the little things, of gratefulness and connection with nature. Two magical islands that haven't forgotten the meaning of slow living.

The Hawaii collection was handcrafted in Bali, in small quantities by local craftsmen, who pour their hearts into every product they make. Delicate and gentle, they remind us to slow down and enjoy the little moments every day.

It was designed in cooperation with our dear friend Andrea Hannemann, known as Earthy Andy, to accompany the out-of-this-world delicious recipes in her new book Plant over Processed. So you can indulge even more in the nourishing food and pamper all your senses.

We hope they bring many magical moments to your life.



Images from the book Plant over Processed by Andrea Hannemann. For more informations about this beautiful book filled with plant based recipes and practical tips for healthy living visit :